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MALIBU - Wing house



Sleep under the wings of a 747! This home is the world famous 747 Wing House. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains with unparalleled views from everywhere in the home. House is made of cement, steel, glass, and the 747 wings overhead. 

Interiors are designed with gracious comfort and entertaining in mind. Lounge around the 60 foot long swimming pool; pick fresh herbs, veggies; pluck fruit/nuts from the 40 fruit/nut trees; play a little Bocce from regulation court; hike in surrounding valley/mountains (State Parkland);or just cozy up with a good book in one of the many hammocks strategically placed around this 55 acre estate. 

The main house comprises two separate buildings linked together on three levels and uses two wings and two horizontal stabilizers from a Boeing 747-100. The lower house is partially open air and has 18-foot-tall (5.5 m) ceilings topped with the left 747 wing. The upper structure creates the main house and uses the right wing as the main roof and two horizontal stabilizers as the roofs of the master bedroom and bathroom. 


2 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms




 "By connecting the right people, places & parts we create great synergy"

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