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Let’s Start Your Search

Referred By Ruby charges a $500 engagement fee to access our services and procure a luxury rental in Los Angeles and beyond. Answer a few short questions about what you’re looking for and pay the fee, and an agent will be in touch shortly.


What this covers

• Assistance to foreign nationals whom require market guidance in the Los Angeles region.

• Access to exclusive private homes not listed on the market.

• Extensive search to locate ‘the’ property within budget, décor preference, and location.

• Shortlist of potential properties, reviewed via a physical visit. Properties can be videoed if requested.

• Negotiate contract and amenities included such as; utilities, pool heating, housekeeping, new linens etc.

• Arrange additional turnkey services if required.

• Such as; staffing (butler, personal chef, personal trainer, driver) management of their rates and duties.

• House setup: baby proofing, pool safety fence installation, gym equipment rental etc. Extra fees apply.

• Before check in; key retrieval, ensure appliances and electronics are in working order, linen and cleanliness report. Groceries delivered and fridge stocked.

• A representative to greet the Client upon arrival at the property.

 "By connecting the right people, places & parts we create great synergy"

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