Referred By Ruby

Referral Service and Concierge Company


Referred By Ruby offers Lifestyle Management solutions to our distinguished clientele - with a strong focus on relocation, either temporary + permanent housing, and vacation rental services. We can provide management of the estate and services. Including hiring and scheduling of household staff and servicemen. 

Through our extensive global network of partners, we can procure the most suitable property for rent or purchase. Providing additional guidance with design and  furnishings, plus added amenities. 

We advise, plan and execute with fast turnaround understanding how time sensitive our clients lives are.Confidentiality and discretion is paramount.

A negotiated fee is charged for this service.

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Referred By Ruby is a bespoke Villa & Housing company with access to the most coveted, luxurious and unique properties in the Los Angeles region and beyond. 

Through our extensive network of partners, which include: Homeowners with private 'off market' residences, specialized realtors, luxury villa companies, and location agencies, we're able to procure the most suitable and unique properties for our clientele.

A $300 engagement fee is charged for this service.

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Referred by Ruby specializes in procuring hotel bookings for individuals. We offer a hands-on approach to meet the specific needs of our clientele. 

Through our longstanding relationships within our hand picked, global hotels & resorts, Referred by Ruby is able to offer preferential rates and/or services.

We provide fast turnaround in securing the most suitable accommodations within budget, aesthetic and location. 

A $100 engagement fee is charged for this service.

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